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Tiffany Bio Photo 2019.jpg

Inspired by an epic scuba diving trip to the Galapagos, Tiff quit her corporate law job to forge her personal environmental legacy. Getting her boots on the ground and her dive gear into the water, she became a climate organizer, ocean advocate, and scientific scuba diver. Her adventures below the surface instill in her a deep love of our blue world and a simultaneous fear of losing it. The more she dives, the more she realizes how at risk our oceans are and how important her voice is in the fight. 🦈🦈 Now at Ocean Rebels, she leads our activism efforts and manages our campaign support efforts to protect and restore our wild world.

Advocate | Storyteller | Founding Rebel


Sara Bio Photo 2019.jpg

Frustrated by the lack of quality, informed communication reaching the public about critical research concerning our planet and our impact on it, Sara decided to fill the void. She became a documentary filmmaker to get people involved and to give voice to causes and persons being unjustly treated. As an avid outdoorsman, explorer, and diver, she’s witnessed first hand the continued degradation of wild places and wants better. Now, at Ocean Rebels, she leads our media team and interfaces with top researchers and conservationists to bring these stories to the public.

Filmmaker | Science Communicator | Founding Rebel


Whitney Bio Photo 2019.jpg

Whitney quit her public accounting job to champion environmental change in our communities. She believes we can and must work together to give our planet a fighting chance. A passionate hiker, scuba diver, and sailor, Whitney prizes giving a voice to the interconnectedness of protecting our land and sea simultaneously. To this end, she focuses on and practices a zero-waste lifestyle as a gateway to broader environmental awareness. She is especially passionate about making science accessible and exciting for everyone to inspire environmental stewards of all ages to create a life committed to the protection of our planet.

Brand Activator | Social Media Guru | Founding Rebel



Melissa got her start working as a videographer in Florida. While she was battling swamp mosquitoes and sleeping in tent cots, she was filming and cutting short documentaries on some of Florida’s most threatened and endangered species. She has since gone on to help phase out the driftnet industry off the California coast and work for the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, supporting regional and international climate conferences. She is motivated by people’s willingness to change their behavior in favor of our shared environment. Now, at Ocean Rebels, she leads our media engagement arm with the aim of turning awareness into action.

Climate Communicator | Media Specialist | Founding Rebel


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